8 Simple Ways to Achieve a Clear, Healthy Mind

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To have a healthy mind means being free from anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, and other mental problems. It shows you’re more capable of living your life to the fullest.

If you suppose your brain is not at its best, follow these useful tips to gain a healthy mind.

How Will You Have a Healthy Mind?

1. Sleep seven to eight hours every night (no more, no less).

Sleepless nights can make you irritable and confused. In addition, it makes you more prone to contracting mental and health problems compared to those who get enough sleep every night.

2. Eat healthy foods.

Besides affecting your physical being, the food you eat influences your mental happiness, too. As the saying goes, “A healthy body makes a healthy mind,” so be careful with what you consume. Eat three meals every day to increase your energy level. Aside from eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water will hydrate you and boost your metabolism; thus, making you better. What’s another way to have both a healthy body and a healthy mind? Set aside time to plan your meals!

3. Laugh often.

Scientific studies prove that laughter is a neat mind-body reaction that boosts the immune system and reduces stress hormone production. Japanese researchers justified this when they discovered that people with rheumatoid arthritis who enjoy watching “Rakugo” (comical storytelling) experienced a major decrease in their pain and stress hormone levels. Now you don’t have to stifle your laughs; just say you need it for you to have a healthy mind.

4. Exercise daily.

A little exercise daily offers many mental and physical benefits. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that improve your mood and give you a healthy mind. You need not join a gym and spend money to exercise. Cleaning the house while listening to music, walking or cycling instead of driving, and gardening are simple ways to keep your blood pumping.

5. Choose and limit what you drink.

While many drink coffee and liquor to change or improve their mood, effects of these beverages are only temporary. When the excitement fades, you’ll often be worse than ever. For sure, a healthy mind do not include a hangover as one of its signs. Hence, experts suggest male drinkers take only four units of alcohol daily and women only three.

6. Do “mind exercises.”

Instead of figuring your bills on a calculator, calculate the sums in your head first before checking if you’re correct. Likewise, learning a new word every day is a good way to make sure your memory stays in full working order. A healthy mind is your most valuable tool so keeping it functioning is important to staying happy and living an active lifestyle.

7. Enjoy sunlight.

Those who stay indoors in the daytime are grumpier than those who get at least 20 minutes of sunlight daily. Sunlight recharges your batteries and gives your bones the calcium they need. Hence, millennials nowadays consider it a perk if they can get to work flexible hours. This way, they enjoy doing hobbies or sports in broad daylight! How’s that in promoting a healthy mind?

8. Engage in a hobby.

Do you love painting or playing a musical instrument? Take time out to dedicate only to yourself to help you cope with stress. If you’re depressed, expressing your thoughts through a song, painting, or poem will help you understand yourself, and thus, will make you have a healthy mind.
Your mind controls how your body responds to the outside world. By taking care of it, you’re showing you love not only your mind but your body and spirit, too.

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