professional resume writers reveal the best time for job search

Professional Resume Writers: When is the Best Time to Boost Your Job Search?

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Your written resume and keyword-rich cover letter are all prepared. Trusted career coaches have also optimized your LinkedIn Profile. Yet in the past 60 days, you haven’t heard from hiring managers. Don’t worry. Relax, sit back, and read. Here’s what professional resume writers reveal: there is a best time for everything. Yes, even in job search! Professional Resume Writers Answer: …

RPW_quarter-life crisis_Millennial woman holding four strips of paper

Quarter-Life Crisis and the Culprit Behind Getting Lost


“Not all those who wander are lost.” Have you ever used this quote on one of your Instagram posts? Did you think you could conquer the world, no matter what challenge would arrive? However, as you go back to reality, did you become uncertain in life? Don’t worry; 7 in 10 millennials experienced it, and goes by a certain point: …

Hosting A Successful “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2018”

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Are you planning to hold a Take Our Kids To Work Day in your company? If you want this event to make the grade, know first why people celebrate it and learn the dos and don’ts of this occasion. For your reference, here are the points to remember from our trusted online sources. How It Began The Take Our Daughters …

woman following resume writing trends

What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2018 Resume Writing Trends

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Although the basic sections and contents of resumes remain the same, use new resume writing trends to stay informed and gain a unique selling point over other job seekers. Hence, as new graduates join the job market, trying these resume writing tips will help you edge them when you write or rewrite your own job application tool. Resume Writing Trends …

new year's resolutions for 2018

Secrets to Achieving Your 2018 Career Goals

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Sometimes, you compel yourself to make New Year’s resolutions when you say hello to another chapter in your life. Since you’ll find several write-ups to guide you in achieving your personal ambitions, this article will zoom in on planning and meeting your new year career goals. Best New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Career in 2018 Make 2018 your most …