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What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2018 Resume Writing Trends

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Although the basic sections and contents of resumes remain the same, use new resume writing trends to stay informed and gain a unique selling point over other job seekers. Hence, as new graduates join the job market, trying these resume writing tips will help you edge them when you write or rewrite your own job application tool. Resume Writing Trends …

new year's resolutions for 2018

Secrets to Achieving Your 2018 Career Goals

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Sometimes, you compel yourself to make New Year’s resolutions when you say hello to another chapter in your life. Since you’ll find several write-ups to guide you in achieving your personal ambitions, this article will zoom in on planning and meeting your new year career goals. Best New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Career in 2018 Make 2018 your most …

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Resume Template 2017: Guide on How Your Copy Should Look Today

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As the number of graduates and job applicants increases, the competition stiffens, too. If you must compete in today’s stiff job market, arm yourself with a comprehensive and up-to-date tool to stand out from fellow job seekers. Otherwise, here’s a resume template 2017 guide to help you begin your quest. Resume Template 2017: Your Guide Header First, make sure your …

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The Pros and Cons of Using Professional IT Resume 2017 Templates

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Are you applying for a job in the Information Technology (IT) field? Whether you’re an entry-level job seeker or an experienced career changer, writing an IT resume will be hard. The safest and fastest way, rather, to create one is to use professional IT resume 2017 templates to make your task easier. Yet the priced question is, should you use …

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10 Most In-Demand IT Jobs in 2016-2017

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Are you in search for the best information technology (IT) job this year? Resume Professional Writers lists down these 10 Hottest IT Jobs that will give you $40,000 to $100,000 mean wage in a year! Read on to learn more. The Hottest IT jobs in 2017 1. Lead Applications Developer Can you design, program, and test applications, at the same …

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Format and Layout: How to Write a Resume in 2017

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Have you ever experienced placing too many details on your resume, yet ending up dissatisfied with how it appears? You thought that the words you used are the problem. In reading it again, you still cannot see it. Are you the only one that has this problem? Or are you just being blind to the truth? Before you freak out, …