the perfect resume for retirees

7 Useful Tips on How to Write a Resume for Retirees

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Due to the poor economy, most retirees plan to go back to work to earn money for a living. In fact, many of them experience problems in finding jobs due to tough race among applicants where new graduates and experienced professionals vie for opportunities. So, if you’re a retiree looking for a job, you can find an example of a …

interview: skills inventory

Skills Inventory Assessment: Bridging the Gap

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Skills gap has been a huge problem in the US’ manufacturing industry. We can see many firms facing greater demand for certain products, but most of them lack skilled workers to fill in posts. Unfortunately, those having the required skills are already working in some other fields. Meanwhile, those who seek employment don’t have the necessary skills to qualify for …

High Income Jobs

Search Classifieds Nationwide – Find High Paying Jobs

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Job search is a daunting task. For those who have no college diploma, this is but a frustrating one and a challenge to surpass. If you’re one of them, maybe you’re having a hard time looking for let alone high income jobs, but just vacant posts to fill in. Don’t worry so much. Maybe you’re just using a wrong keyword …

sample nurse resume

Sample Nurse Resume for Genetic-Based Health Care

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Genetics Clinical Nurses (GCNs) play a vital role in giving care for patients with genetic disorders. They will handle people who suffer from Alzheimer’s, cancer, hemophilia, or Parkinson’s disease. These genetic-based healthcare experts are praiseworthy. They see to it that their patients will feel less pain and regain health from illness. If you are among them, did you know you could list …

x-ray: sample nurse resumes

Sample Nurse Resumes: Show off Your Radiologic Care Skills

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Radiology nurses (shortened here as RadN) play a vital role in caring for patients—the modern way. They know how to work on high-tech radiology machines to detect and treat illnesses. If you want to get a job in this field, of course, start with a good resume. You should show your unique set of skills and talents to qualify. One way …

travel nurse: nurses resume examples

Travel Nurses Resume Examples: Job-Winning Qualities

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Travel nurses play a special role in the health care field. They are registered nurses who have the same education and training just like other nurses. The only difference is they go to places where they can attend to a short-term need and provide care. The changing fiscal state has made travel nurses very in demand. Since most hospitals cut costs, …

nurse resume sample

Nurse Resume Sample: The Key to Better Information Systems

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Nurses hold one of the most versatile jobs in the whole world. Their tasks are not limited to taking care of the patients and helping the doctors. Don’t be surprised if you get to know that there are nurses who also testify in courts and there are those who provide consulting service to lawyers on medical-related legal cases. Did you know …

nurse: example nurse resume

Nurse Resume Example: Looking after Public’s Health

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Giving care to people is such a great act of humanity. This is the daily task of our nurses and all our healthcare workers. Indeed, they hold one of the most crucial jobs in the world.While nursing one patient at a time is such a tough duty, it is truly harder to look after the health of a large group …

resume on monster

How to Post a Resume on Monster: The Easiest Way!

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Since 1994, has been a venue for employers and job seekers to find a good match on the jobs. Knowing how to post a resume on Monster gives you a greater chance to get your dream job. Whether you will create or upload your tool, here are the steps that you have to keep on your mind. 1. Join You …

four nurses walking in the corridor, examples of nurse resumes

Nurse Resumes for Addictions Specialist

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Addictions nurses give care to patients with substance addictions. They work in drug treatment centers to aid patients recovering from drug abuse. While the healthcare field opens big breaks for nurses, you should expect a stiff competition. And to start your application, you may have searched for online examples of nurse resumes. But this one is not enough! Everyone, of course, …