Salary Calculator Relocation: Is California a Good Choice?

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If you got a job in California, or your company transfers, would you move, too? For sure, you are full of qualms. You would ask if California is a best place to transfer. Perhaps, it is better to weigh up few things before moving in the state. Use a California salary calculator. Doing this gives you an idea if going there would affect your life. Thus, you will know if that place gives you good or bad outcomes.

Before you size up the worth of your stay in the state, check these things first:

What Should You Consider Before Moving to California?

The Paybacks

If you sensed that there’s a sound job outlook, and a well-off pay, you are going to have a good life. Read on the following to find out if California offers you these things.

  • Job Outlook. When you hear California, what comes in your mind? Do you link it with Silicon Valley? Of course, California has been a home for the 23-year old tech industry. For nine years, Silicon Valley gives tech-inclined people a good life. As such, it is a good place for tech workers. Other sectors such as the health care, business, and social services are creating more jobs, too. With booming trades, California stands firm right now. With 325,000 jobs in 2013, the rate of unemployed people dropped.
  • Wage. From 2010 to 2013, 23% of California’s 904,000 new jobs came in works that pay at least $30 per hour. The state can give you a pay that range from $32 to $51 per hour. Meaning, the state pays above the mean rate. These are in the health care services such as nurse, physicians, surgeons, and many more.

The Drawback

Well, it’s not stunning to find out that the state has a high cost of living. Having cities where salaries and demand are high, prices are high. With high-cost goods and services, this is one drawback. If you earn $101,300 a year, you only have 26% chance of finding a home to buy. It looks hard to own a house here, especially in San Jose, San Francisco, and other bay areas.

Now that you’ve learned the cost of living, job demands, and least wage in California, will you still move? Although the state shows one weak point, it doesn’t mean that it is not a good place to settle. In this case, you have to use the salary calculator relocation tool to have the right decision.

If you think California’s hustle and bustle is too much for you to handle, why don’t you try Arizona? You may also seek career experts‘ help.

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