Relocation Cost of Living Comparison: Will You Choose Alaska?

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While the topic about the “best and worst states to make a living” has always been in the news, not so many people care about it. As a job seeker, will you be eager to know how much will you spend to maintain a standard of living in a certain place? Well, you have to. Moving in Alaska, anyone?

If you want to move to another place, you have to do some relocation cost of living (COL) comparison. This way, you will get to know the pros and cons of your plan.

If you are firm to go with the idea of moving in Alaska, then don’t just prepare your sweater for its extreme cold weather but also get ready with your wallet and cash as it has one of the highest costs of living among the states.

Let’s get down to details.

Brace Yourself When You Decide to Live in Alaska

To help you decide, you might want to seek answers to these questions: How far will your salary go in AK? How is the quality of both life and work in here?

Alaska’s Cost of Living

Based on a report published online by the Missouri Economic Research and Info Center, AK ranked fourth on the list of states with high COL during the first quarter of 2014. It had an index of 131.8, just behind three other states: New York (132.2), DC (139.6), and Hawaii (162.9).

AK even have much higher figures on some aspects that affect the calculation for COL compared with the top three states. It had much higher figures than NY and DC in all aspects except housing. Also, it had a higher health care cost than HI.

Employment Rate in Alaska

According to BLS, there were 343,300 workers employed in AK as of June 2014.

The BLS also reports that AK’s unemployment rate in that same period was 6.4, way higher than more than half of the states. It ranked 32nd tying with NC. North Dakota had the lowest rate with 2.7 and Rhode Island had the highest with 7.9.

Minimum Wage in Alaska

Data from DOL state that the minimum wage rate in Alaska is $7.75 per hour, much lower than that of NY and DC but higher than HI.

Tips to Remember Before Moving in Alaska

There’s nothing wrong with your plan of moving to Alaska if your prime goal is to find a job in this place. So many hot careers await you. You just have to find the job that will pay you with a high salary so you can make it to live here.

Make a relocation cost of living comparison before you start with your quest.

To succeed with your job search, present a perfect application tool. If you can’t write your own summary, seek help from an expert writer.

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