Writing a Superb Resume That Subtly Sells Your Accomplishments

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Shining a spotlight on your feats is a great angle in writing a resume that attracts more job offers. Hence, the accomplishments section is made for this purpose. In here, you take account of hallmarks that prove why you’re the best among other candidates. However, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm your recruiter with an aimless rave of your feats. Learn subtle writing techniques so you can flaunt your assets without being too extra.

Dos and Don’ts in Writing Your Accomplishments Section

A resume accomplishments section must reflect your matchless professional edge. Thus, you need to maximize this space with a powerful pitch that’s anchored on your merits. However, you mustn’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll risk annoying your future employers. Displaying all your feats is like blowing your own horn too loud. For this reason, find the perfect balance between using an informative and persuasive resume writing style. To demonstrate, here are a few reminders and advice on how to write accomplishments on your resume.

Do make a list of your accomplishments.

The first step in any process always involves planning. To grab that dream job, your application shouldn’t be a “hit-and-miss” attempt. Thus, in writing an accomplishment section, think hard and look back at key moments. Recall your career highlights and list down relevant events. You may start by making a random list of accomplishments, then rearrange it as you go along base on weight and relevance to the job you’re applying for. Remember, don’t bombard them with too much info they don’t even need. Instead, pick out only the most applicable credits you’ve received and focus on them.

Don’t mix up your duties with your achievements.

In listing your achievements, make sure you are describing true accomplishments and not the duties that come with the positions you held. A job accomplishment is different from your past works’ job descriptions. Note awards you received and cite instances when you were recognized for going beyond expectations for your role.

Do quantify your edge with facts and figures.

Describe your job accomplishments with numbers. People like to know approximate values (better if you can give exact figures) for basis of analysis and comparison. How much money have your old department saved since you created that new budget plan for your office supplies? How many new agents have you trained and deployed? By using facts and figures to make clear descriptions, you make it easier for your hirer to notice your edge over other job hopefuls.

Don’t forget to mention their positive effects.

The main point for this section is selling yourself through accomplishments. Convince them that hiring you could be their next smart business decision. Use a cause and effect approach in writing your accomplishments. Show them how you can become an asset for the company through your results-driven methods.

Stellar Achievements Help You Reach for the Stars

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Your resume is a written proof of your professional persona. Aside from the basic facts about your background and work history, it’s also important that it paints a beautiful picture of your work ethic and values. Be assertive in building your accomplishments section since your merits are fruits of your hard work and diligence. But keep in mind that humility also comes with professionalism. Heed Confucius’ sage advice, “He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.”

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