How to Make Your Resume Excellent in Just 6 Steps

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To say that the job market is tough is an understatement. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of job seekers vying for the same position at a famed company; thus, to stand out is every applicant’s vital goal. But how will you achieve that with a common, bland, and outdated resume? You won’t unless you turn your resume on its head and transform it into something worth reading. Thus, if you’re one of the job seekers who find it harder than usual to receive responses from your job applications, maybe some resume makeover is due for you.

Here are the 6 easy steps to an incredible resume makeover:

1. Use modern font styles.

We are now in the modern computer era where resumes are commonly viewed on a screen and not on paper. Thus, pick the best font style that looks good when read on laptops or tablets. Sans serif fonts such as Calibri, Verdana, and Tahoma come highly suggested. While you can still use Times New Roman for printed copies of your resume, there’s a chance your resume will look outdated and boring.

2. Include links.

For professionals, having a LinkedIn account is essential as recruiters can use this medium to decide if you’re the best fitting candidate or not. If you have a website, blog, or online portfolio, attach also those links under your name and contact details.

Important Resume Makeover Reminder: Attach the links of your professional accounts only.

3. Create a powerful headline.

You need to build a personal brand, and your headline should capture the essence of it in 5 to 7 words. Back it up with a profile that shows hiring managers just how valuable you are. Forego terms like, “team player,” “results-oriented,” or “with excellent communication skills.”

4. Highlight the right skills.

Your “strong web development skills” won’t exactly do anything if you’re applying for a managerial position in a fine dining restaurant. Include only the skills that will prove valuable in your chosen position or profession.

5. Use bullet points.

According to, a Canadian job site focusing on marketing jobs, a recruiter only takes 5 to 7 seconds in screening a resume. So you have to provide them with a resume wherein they can easily spot the details they need to know. Using bullet points can help you do this.

6. Emphasize accomplishments and not job responsibilities/description.

Show your potential employer how good you are at what you do by focusing on the results of the things you did previously. Give examples and show numbers while keeping it concise.

Added Tips:

Resume Makeover Tips And Tricks From Experts

  • Customize Your File Name
    When sending your resume through email, customize the file name to give it more flair. Instead of “resume.doc” you can use “John_Doe_Editor”.
  • Mind Your Email Address
    Based on a study, 76% of resumes get ignored when the email address is unprofessional. So use “[email protected]” instead of “[email protected]”.
  • Proofread
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Review your resume at least three times before you submit it. Scan it one more time just for the sake of it.
  • Ask Professional Help
    We know that the list we presented is a lot to take in. Thus, if you feel overwhelmed, you can just ask the help of professional resume writers who fixes resumes for a living. YYou’ll shell out a few bucks but you’re guaranteed to have an effective resume and cover letter in return.

Many people can guide you on how to create a resume, but nothing beats resume makeover advice and help of industry professionals. So before you revamp your resume, contact Resume Professional Writers for accurate and valuable recommendations that can turn your resume from bleh to awesome.

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