3 Tips on How to Easily Land a Job During Pandemic

Report on US holding the highest records of coronavirus cases
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There’s no denying how the coronavirus pandemic is hurting businesses on every side. Even the U.S., despite being a First World country, is not spared from the global upheaval. In these times of economic struggle, the workforce sector is one among those that are highly affected. The rate of job loss increases as the number of people affected by COVID-19 climbs up, too.

Sure we are all experiencing a temporary lull from the hectic work life we are used to. It is a difficult thing to deal with, particularly if you belong to those who have lost their jobs. Nobody wants it, but we should all be prepared for what can further happen. You may not quickly realize it, but the lockdown could be the best time to recompose yourself for a new career opportunity.

In our analysis of our client success data at Resume Professional Writers, we found three always effective tips that can boost your chances of landing a job, even during pandemic.

1. Revamp Your Old Resume

Whether you plan to apply for a similar or different job, you will certainly need a much better resume. When we say better, we mean total overhaul of your application piece. The so-called art of resume writing has changed over time. About 90% of resumes we critique fail to invest a careful thought on layout/design and content.

A resume layout/design is the visual appeal that gives an aesthetic value, enough to entice a hiring manager to read further. Will your resume pass the 10-second test? It’s the average amount of time a hiring manager spends on every resume. With that, you need to present your copy beyond just the utterly simple, old school approach with a good balance of professional feel.

Equally important with the layout is your resume content. How organized are your details? Are you observing consistency in terms of your phrases and descriptions? Is your application professionally written with correct grammar from top to bottom? Have you included all relevant pieces of information to strongly establish your qualifications? All these constitute a rich and substantial resume that will land you a job, especially during coronavirus, when a volume of applicants are expected.

Our clients appreciate how we restructure their application from a bland, old school one into something so inviting of further read. They commend our professional resume writers in arranging every piece of detail. We don’t recommend a “generic resume” that can be used for different vacancies. Instead, we tailor their application to their target job.

About 3 to 4 in every 5 resume clients we serve came back to us to report how their resume made them receive calls for job interviews and eventually get hired. If you’re uncertain if you can put everything together, you can always trust that our resume services during pandemic will do the job for you.

2. Improve Skills and Learn New Ones

Skills need constant nurturing so they can work best to our advantage. You may have the needed skills for your craft. But what if what you know dates back to five years years ago? It may be counted as a disadvantage on your part instead of putting you in the best light.

Are you good at writing? You can go back to writing essays to express your views about what’s happening in the world today. Are you into digital arts? Take some online courses to refresh your technical skills using the advanced tools. Resources abound online for improving current skills and for learning a new one.

Diverting your free time from job loss during coronavirus pandemic into these meaningful activities can enrich your marketability to employers. There are about 65% of our clients who diligently took up online classes and webinars to hone their skills when they lost their jobs. The certifications they received added value to their applications, which allowed them to be hired easily.

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3. Expand Your Digital Network

If you willfully do the second tip, you can leverage your way to expanding your network in the digital space. Many vacancies are shifting toward remote work setup. As such, your online presence matters in your hiring chances. Now is the best time to maintain an active status on your online profile, particularly on your LinkedIn account.

A professionally-written LinkedIn profile has the potential to network you with people who can provide you with a new job or lead you to find a new career. Based on our data, our clients who invested in a LinkedIn profile during their job search were hired 2x faster than those who do not have an optimized profile.

LinkedIn profile writing is one of our most popular resume add-ons. It is a personal branding tool that can boost your marketability. Hiring managers use it to source for and connect with job seekers. Almost 88% of our monthly sign ups include LinkedIn profile writing. Whether you want it to be rewritten or just want to have one, it should reflect you as a best hire.

As part of our best practices in writing a LinkedIn profile, we make sure to include all the relevant information that needs to be visible. Maximizing the 2,000-character limit, we develop your profile summary in an action- and goal-oriented manner. Keywords that are depictive of what prospective employers can benefit from you are placed strategically as heading. Our LinkedIn Profile writers are trained in the task that includes a background in search engine optimization. We combined their writing skills with SEO skills to produce a profile that not only attracts hiring managers, but the search engine as well.

COVID-19 may not end soon just yet. But we need to be ready with whatever changes the crisis might further have on our job market. As quickly as our world changes, our flexibility as an employee or job seeker should keep pace.

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