10 Most In-Demand IT Jobs in 2016-2017

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Are you in search for the best information technology (IT) job this year? Resume Professional Writers lists down these 10 Hottest IT Jobs that will give you $40,000 to $100,000 mean wage in a year! Read on to learn more.

The Hottest IT jobs in 2017

1. Lead Applications Developer

Can you design, program, and test applications, at the same time lead and mentor others? Then apply for open IT jobs as a lead applications developer! With many firms investing in mobile apps nowadays, you will enjoy a multitude of job openings for this post. Starters in this role could earn wages that shoot well into the six-figure range, not to mention the bonuses, profit sharing, and other benefits.

2. Data Scientist

Do you want to be the rock star of IT? Then apply for one of the IT jobs that Harvard Business Review refers to as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century!” Data scientists are among the most in-demand mavens today given the strong demand of companies hiring them. Many firms search for talented people with solid training in computer application, modeling, math, and statistics. They seek not just those who can manage but also interpret, communicate, and utilize these enormous data to advance business operations.

3. Database Administrator (DBA)

Because of the growing amount of data that firms should manage and access daily, DBAs are among the trendiest talents now. Even surveys prove this, stating that data and database management careers had the fifth-highest demand among IT jobs.

Firms love DBAs because the latter help store, organize, and secure their data. They make sure records are available to users and are safe from unlawful access at all times.

4. Solutions Architect

The job title may be unknown to others, but this role among other IT jobs is vital in any firm. Aside from solving complex problems, solutions architects have a balanced mix of business and technical skills that every business needs.

5. Software Developer

Software designers continue to top the list of the most wanted IT jobs today. At present, many IT firms look for first-rate talents who can develop new tools and innovative devices that can outdo rivals. Among the latest trends these companies focus on are robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and wearables.

6. Information Security Analyst

Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) report shows that hiring of security analysts will grow to 18% from 2014 to 2024. They expect a great number of firms opening IT jobs and employing seasoned specialists who can prevent hackers from stealing critical data or causing problems for computer networks.

7. Business Intelligence Analyst

As what career expert Matt Mueller said, “Business intelligence and analytics are booming in the big data era, and so is demand for BI analysts, managers, and developers.” In business, a decision based on relevant data leads to more revenue and low costs. Thus, firms need these experts to arrange and construe their data and report the findings to investors. Have you considered applying to one of these IT jobs?

8. Computer Systems Analyst

As stated by BLS, today’s need for safe and more efficient computer networks drove high demand for systems experts. BLS foretold as well that job openings for these whizzes would increase to 14% from 2014 to 2024.

9. Web Developer

As they provide the strong web presence every business needs, web developers can expect plenty of IT jobs opening over the next few years. In fact, BLS projects about 27 percent rise in this job’s employment growth by 2024.

10. Computer Support Specialist

Our rampant use of computers brought today’s high demand for experts who can offer technical support to non-IT people and organizations.
Do you think your dream job is not yet mentioned? Don’t worry, check out these other popular IT jobs:
11. Network Engineer
12. Mobile App Developer
13. Chief Security Officer
14. CRM Business Analyst
15. CRM Technical Developer
16. Data Architect
17. Systems Engineer
18. Video Game Designer
19. Health Information Technician
20. Graphic Designer
21. AutoCAD Drafter
22. UI Developer
23. Computer Animator
Hence, if you want to be in any of these hottest IT jobs, prepare a resume that will lure your recruiters’ attention towards your skills. Let our IT resume samples be your guide in creating that perfect resume. Our team of high-grade resume writers crafted them exclusively for IT job aspirants like you! Good luck!
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